Meet Our Vascular Experts

Meet our team of experts on Vertebroplasty, a treatment for vertebral compression fractures. Our fellowship trained interventional radiologists have special training in interventional and vascular procedures allowing them to successfully diagnose and treat these kinds of cases.
A minimally-invasive, image-guided procedure to treat vertebral compression fractures.  During the procedure a medical bone cement is injected into the bone to create an internal cast for the fractured vertebra.
Patients are given sedation through an IV inserted in the arm during the procedure. An interventional radiologist makes an incision near the compression fracture. Using X-ray fluoroscopy guidance, the doctor places a hollow needle into the vertebral body. Then a small amount of medical bone cement is injected through the needle into the vertebrae into the area around the vertebrae to stabilize the fracture. Patients generally have relief from their pain within hours of the procedure.

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