Patient Satisfaction

Charlotte Radiology is committed to measuring and assessing patient satisfaction data in all areas of our practice. We have had consistently positive scores and meaningful patient input that is used to make real-time improvements in our centers.

"Your radiologist and ACP provided me with exceptional care, before, during and after my procedure."
Charlotte Radiology Patient - Joanna

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In our outpatient centers, including Carolinas Imaging Services sites, Vein & Vascular Centers and Breast Centers, we measure many different parts of the patient experience including care team communication, responsiveness to patients' needs, patient wait times, and willingness to recommend our practice. Every patient in our outpatient sites is offered a survey and an opportunity to share his or her input. In some cases we are able to benchmark our outpatient results against other radiology practices via Press Ganey databases.

Within the hospitals we serve, we rely on the departmental patient satisfaction surveys conducted by Carolinas Healthcare System. Input is reviewed regularly by our leadership team and each location and used to improve our services.

"Dr. Gromet: Thank you so much for the article on early detection through mammography appearing in today's Charlotte Observer. A mammogram 15 years ago saved my life!"
—Tari S.

"Just wanted to say how very impressed I was with your facility. I especially was impressed with Denise Johnson, who tended to me during my biopsy on Jan. 30. She was kind, efficient, very helpful and had a warm and comforting approach. Please thank her for me and forward this on to her supervisor. Thank you."
—Wendy A.

"I want to applaud your company and their customer service. I recently moved to Los Angeles and this year had my annual exam and follow-up done here. The customer service, the attitudes, the lack of privacy, the entire process was horrible. I was in the waiting room with others unsure what was going on, what next steps were, holding my clothes while embarrassed wearing a hospital gown opened in the front (holding it tight), the waiting rooms was for men and women and not just patients. I was completely floored and missing your nice friendly atmosphere, nurses, attendants, staff, and doctors. Kudos to you all for not only striving for the best medical care but also for making all of us feel cared for and keeping us from being afraid and lonely in times that are stressful."
—Gail D.

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for what you did for [our patient] – getting her in today. She is worried as I know all the patients are that have an issue such as this – you went above and beyond – you are a treasure to our system. Thank you so very much! "
—Mitzi G.