Onsite Education

Charlotte Radiology offers a variety of onsite education opportunities covering a variety of topics, from breast health, vascular health and osteoporosis to managing radiology costs. Our experts come to you, saving your employees time and boosting productivity.

Onsite education opportunities include:

Free Educational Materials. We offer a variety of educational materials covering a variety of topics, from breast health and uterine fibroid embolization to pediatric radiology, radiation exposure, and more. These materials are available to you for general employee education and can be distributed at health fairs, onsite health centers, or even employee break rooms.

Partnerships. While we are not a full-service wellness provider, we do partner with Carolinas Healthcare System, collaborating to offer a spectrum of services. atriumhealth.org/medical-services/prevention-wellness/employer-solutions

Corporate Health Fairs. Charlotte Radiology can attend your company health event to offer a variety of educational materials on radiology services. We can schedule onsite screenings, including breast cancer and osteoporosis screenings, and as well as self-breast exam demonstrations. For more information, call 704.334.7812 .