Build a healthier workforce with Charlotte Radiology.


Healthcare studies are finding that participation in corporate wellness programs can lead to lower overall healthcare costs. Charlotte Radiology is proud to be a resource for local employers, committed to helping you provide affordable health and wellness programs for your staff. In a time where government and employers alike are making efforts to reduce healthcare costs, employees are ultimately shouldering more of the burden—oftentimes forcing them to make decisions that negatively affect their health and wellness. We believe that, together, we can customize a program that encourages healthy behavior without sacrificing the bottom line.

From corporate wellness screenings that promote early detection of disease to educational programs that teach employees how to safely comparison-shop for radiology services, we are more than just an imaging center—we are your partner for corporate health and wellness.

For a closer look at radiology's role in corporate healthcare, view our recent presentation to regional HR professionals.

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Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs.

While reduced healthcare costs are an important benefit of employee wellness programs, employers often find a number of other boons to business—such as an increase in staff morale, improved employee health, reduction to workers compensation claims, reduction in absenteeism, and even an increase in productivity.